Welcome to Dockside Personnel

Dockside Personnel was formed from an acute awareness of our clients' need for a more focused and dedicated skills-resourcing and delivery platform which could deliver greater financial and efficiency benefits to their organisations. Dockside Personnel presents you with that platform as a 'one stop shop' for all your skills- resourcing needs. We have the capacity to match your operational and project needs using our pool of carefully selected candidates with their varying skill levels and representing a wide scope of sectors. Each sector area is managed by a dedicated Contracts Manager to ensure a seamless partnership and maximal alignment to yours systems and processes. We are the first to create a unique way of costing your labour and skills needs to ensure that you receive the benefits of mass resourcing. The more hours you use the more you will save with Dockside Personnel as your costs are not pegged to a flat hourly rate .Instead, your costs are reduced with each defined increment in hours utilised. We WILL add value to your business and improve your cash flow. We believe our offering is a first and is unique to the industry.
Click on our costing calculator now to see how much we WILL save you!